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Case Studies

Apples and Pears

Last year, Geoff and Emily sold their family fruit and vegetable business, Apples and Pears Ltd. Whilst working in the business, they established a SSAS and purchased the company’s shop premises.

The shop was the pension fund’s main asset. When the business was sold, the shop was also sold and the pension fund was then invested solely in cash. Geoff and Emily’s existing SSAS provider suggested reinvesting the monies with them, but Geoff and Emily weren’t happy with the results; they felt they should have been referred to investment specialists.

Geoff and Emily’s trusted accountant suggested they move their SSAS to an independent SSAS operator who didn’t offer an investment service but who could suggest investment specialists for them to consider.

Geoff and Emily were able to consider the investment management of the SSAS independently of the choice of SSAS provider. They felt free to discuss their scheme investments with a genuinely Independent Trustee who had no financial interest in who they chose to manage their money. They also had comfort in knowing help was available to them and they wouldn’t be pressured into selecting investments that paid the SSAS provider.

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